Are you someone that by midday loses their energy and just wants to take a nap….lets say right after lunch or around 3 pm?  Do you wish you had the energy to finish the afternoon  and then have the energy for the evening, to just run your household, or workout at the gym or take a class? I have some tips to avoid midday slumps of energy.

I was once a person who had midday energy slumps. All I wanted was to stop and take a short power nap but it wasn’t always available. I didn’t like feeling that way. So I started to first pay attention to what I ate. So if after a meal a felt like taking a nap I would think about what I just had for lunch. The next day I would have the same meal but leave out one item, like for instance, soda, coke, cola, pop, (whatever you call it) and drink water instead. When I did, I noticed that I didn’t take a dive in my energy that day. So I figured out to no longer drink sugar laden drinks. So I continue to go thru that process. The foods that I discovered that gave me the drop in my energy, were things like, potatoes;  fries, chips, roasted, baked, mashed, skins, no matter how they were cooked, potatoes made me sleepy. So I didn’t have them for lunch. If I had to have potatoes because I love them so much I ate them for dinner. So when I got tired it didn’t matter cause I would be going to bed soon. I also discovered foods like, white breads, rolls, biscuits, pancakes, etc, desserts, candy, anything with lots of sugar, gave me the midday slumps in energy. So my tip for you is to avoid all WHITE foods (except cauliflower and eggs) at lunch time or really anytime you need to be sharp and have energy.

Try it, you’ll discover that you can be alert and have energy thru-out the day. Another reason for Feeling Fabulous!!